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First Page ranking

Our goal is to create you a website if you do not already have one, and rank it on the first page of google. You will see an increase in sales and visibility. Most businesses who invest in our services us see a 200% ROI Read More

Social Profiles

We can create social profiles for your business on social media platforms such as linkedin and Facebook. Our tactics help your business attract new customers every month and helps to build your brand name. Read More


Hale Digital Marketing will consistently follow up with you on a weekly basis via email. We will show you exactly how your business is progressing, and keep you informed of the work that we are doing to your site weekly. Read More

Web Design

We will create a wonderful responsive website that will catch your audiences eyes. Hale digital marketing will also create content for your new website after doing a intensive research on your product or service. Read More

Hale Digital Marketing Wilson, NC

We are helping companies grow and expand in Wilson, NC

Hale Digital Marketing Agency are digital marketing experts located in Wilson, NC. We offer services to grow your business online and be one step above your competition. We specialize in local and national SEO (search engine optimization) and will tailor our SEO strategies to meet your business needs. If you are already running an online campaign, we can help your marketing strategy, and help you generate more sales. All we would need is a ten-minute phone call, and we would have all the information needed to begin growing your business. We will also perform a free website audit and give you our honest advice on fixing issues during the phone call. At Hale Digital Marketing we guarantee more than just clicks to your website, we guarantee more sales for your business. We would like for you to understand that this a long term business plan. Once your site is ranked on the first page and starting to generate online sales, it will remain there as long as we are maintaining the website properties.
When you become a client of Hale Digital Marketing you will be able to reach us at any time of the day with any questions or concerns. You may even contact us if you have any suggestions, or you would just like a current update on how your online business is doing. However, we will email you weekly updates on how your online presence is improving and the steps we have been taking. We are just a digital marketing company, we are your business partners and we would like you to concentrate on what it is that you do best, and provide the best service to your customers without having the hassle of trying to acquire them.

Why is being on the first page of Google so important?
If your local or national business is not on the first page of Google, it’s the same as being invisible when it comes to online presence. About 2% of customers scroll to the second page when doing a google search. 97% of customers click on the organic search results, and 75% of those customers click on the first three results. Being on the first page gives your new customers a sense of trust and recognition, and makes it easier for you to be contacted. Hale Digital Marketing will guarantee the first-page result within four months, and more leads for your business.
More ROI than any other investment
Digital Marketing is proven to have the most ROI than any other marketing strategy as of 2019. Our customers have seen a 200% ROI from our SEO techniques and marketing strategies. One of our recent clients Woodards Bailbonding Services has doubled their sales and acquired a strong online presence. It takes time for Google to notice the work we do because there are millions of sites, therefore the work we do today you will see about four months from now.
Growing your business in Wilson, NC
Wilson is a small city, but with the right digital marketing strategy, you can generate just as many sales as you would in a bigger city. If you don’t already have a website Hale Digital Marketing can help you create one, if you have one we can help you get ranked for your surrounding areas. The type of business you have dose not matter, you can be a lawyer, plumber, landscaper, or maybe you just do hair. We can help your business generate more sales and expand to the next level.
100% guarantee and no obligations
Hale Digital Marketing will guarantee the first-page result within the specified time or our services will be free until the results are present. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, you may opt-out at any time. Our plans are on a month to month basis, so if you would like to end your contract, just give us a call and we will end our services.
Converting your visitors into paying customers
Hale Digital Marketing not only just ranks your website to the first page of google, we fully optimize it. We create a site that is user-friendly and google friendly. We understand that your competitors may also be knowledgable in digital marketing, so we will build or optimize your website for customers to choose your business over theirs.
Becoming a client of Hale Digital Marketing
If you have decided to choose Hale Digital Marketing, fill out our contact form and someone will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. During the phone call, you will receive a free consultation and website audit, and we will give you an assessment on how we can improve your business sales. Hale Digital Marketing has packaged plans so if you just require a strong social media profile, we can do that too. Contact us today!

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